Our staff has been working in the shipping and container industry since the early 90′s. Our industry connections ensure that we can offer our clients the best possible prices on containers. Whether you are looking for a 10′ container or a 45′ container, we have the necessary resources to fill your need.

At CMG it is our policy that once an order for a 20′ or 40′ shipping container is placed we:

  1. Inspect the container to ensure its durability for use as onsite storage or cargo transport
  2. Use only the most experienced and proven transport services for your steel container to be delivered and placed exactly as you want it

To this end we are able to provide inspection reports, verification’s, and, depending on location, a picture of the container you will receive. For transportation you will fill out a detailed delivery order form giving your complete instructions to the driver.

Your 20′ and 40′ steel container is manufactured from rust inhibiting corten steel which increases life span. With a standard height of 8’6”, or certain 40′ containers have a height of 9’6”, the containers have double doors on one end. If the container has a CSC plate it can be used for shipping. We also offer a lucrative buy back service when you are finished using your steel container.